Regardless of whether you are a mid-sized local business or international company, we will deliver software for your business needs, first choosing the most suitable software frameworks and tools. If you already have your technology preferences – just check our Core Skills page to find out whether we are a match.

Over the 20 years of our history we have delivered over 500 software projects in a breadth of different web technologies. We believe this makes us experts in web software development. We are also crazy about SCRUM. So, are you looking for agile software delivery experts? Great, you've found them!

End-to-End Agile Software Delivery

We believe in transparent, close cooperation. We know how important communication is in every IT project. Using Agile/SCRUM best practices, our experts will guide you through the entire lifecycle of the software project and will maintain regular exchange of information about project progress onat every stage of work.


We treat it as one of the most important steps for efficient cooperation. We’ll take a good look at your business and collect knowledge from every stakeholder, which gainsallows us to gain a whole perspective about your organization, best practices, already implemented systems and preferred technologies.


On this level we’re planning the whole solution architecture and process according to information we possessed at the first phase. At this stage we can also extend our work area with design mockups based on the market, best practices and UX workshops.


We’ll split whole projects into parts (sprints) and number them according to your priorities. That will allow you to customize every sprint according to business needs and market changes for quicker implementation of the most important functions at the right moment.


We will make sure to deliver quality software in terms of both delivered functionality and long term ownership costs. Your business satisfaction is our highest priority.


We treat every GO LIVE process individually, with timing customized to your requirement and business. When there is a need we’ll provide physical support on-site.


After project implementation, we will still be there for you to help you to maintain the system and develop new features. Our Customer Service team is capable of providingcan provide custom tailored 24/7 support services uponon request.

Get to know our clients

We’ve delivered applications and bespoke IT solutions to businesses of different shapes and sizes. Our portfolio includes projects carried out for leading international brands, such as Tesco, Volkswagen, Leroy Merlin or T-Mobile.

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