There is no way a software development firm can be good at everything nowadays. There is simply too much progress going on around. This is why we have picked only a limited set of popular web based technologies and frameworks – to be really good at what we do. We call it our CORE SKILLS.  

In any case, you can choose your way of using our skills for your benefit – contract a single consultant, have a dedicated team for you to manage or give us a project to deliver according to provided specs.

We specialise in following technologies and frameworks:

Magento 2 is the most popular e-commerce platform with a great ecosystem of 250 000 merchants, many extensions and 100% flexible open source architecture. In the right developer's hands Magento can become technology that excites even the biggest global companies (like Coca-Cola or Burger King, for example).

Delivered projects: 5

Team size: 6

Mulesoft ESB and API Gateway technologies allow you to build a modern, scalable integration architecture for your enterprise applications, systems and devices. It is usually 3 times faster to deliver integration interfaces with Mulesoft than with a traditional development approach.

Delivered projects: 3

Team size: 5

PimCore is a widely used, advanced open-source platform for product information and content management. It is a crucial component of any project that involves sharing product data across multiple communication and sales channels.

Delivered projects: 5

Team size: 6

Kentico is an "all-in-one" CMS, E-commerce and Online Marketing platform based on Microsoft.Net technology. It can be a rigid foundation of all online communication with you clients.

Delivered projects: 5

Team size: 7

Big Data and Machine Learning. The Apache™ Hadoop® project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Cloudera's open source platform, is the most popular distribution of Hadoop and related projects in the world.

Delivered projects: 10

Team size: 10

Front-end development is a crucial part of every modern IT application production. Even the best set of features will be spoiled with poor GUI design and performance. That’s why every project needs an experienced front-end development team to take care of the customer experience challenges.

Delivered projects: 100

Team size: 15

After more than two decades since its debut, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages, now also supporting mobile apps development.

Delivered projects: 50

Team size: 40

PHP is a very popular open-source scripting language for general-purpose, well suited especially for low-cost web applications development. We’ve got many years’ experience in the development of medium and large-scale PHP-based platforms, extensions and continuously support multiple solutions based on that technology.

Delivered projects: 80

Team size: 50

.Net is a part of a popular programming platforms family from Microsoft. With rich possibilities of many customized frameworks it can be used for developing desktop and mobile apps dedicated for many OS systems – from Windows (of course) to Android or iOS.

Delivered projects: 30

Team size: 10

MS Sharepoint and Nintex Workflow are one of the most popular intranet and business applications bundle for supporting enterprise communication and complext workflows.

Delivered projects: 50

Team size: 10

If there is a specific project or just a business concept in your mind involving any of those technologies, feel free to contact us! We’ll try to help you to change that idea into reality.


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