Unity Group renews competences and regains the Gold Microsoft Partner title

Unity Group regains title of Gold Microsoft Partner
We are pleased to announce that in October 2017 our team extended its SharePoint and Office 365 competencies, regaining the Gold Microsoft Partner title in Collaboration & Content. We also renewed the silver status in the Application Development area.
These competencies not only recognise the skills of the Unity Group team, but they also provide us with the resources and know-how required to implement projects for our customers in the Digital Workplace area.

What does the Gold Microsoft Partner status mean in the area of Collaboration and Content?

Collaboration and Content is a competence related to the SharePoint platform. According to Microsoft, this technology is currently used by hundreds of thousands of organisations and nearly a million developers who create a global ecosystem of solutions worth more than 10 billion dollars.

By regaining the gold partner title in the Collaboration and Content field, our team becomes officially recognised as a proven provider of SharePoint-based products. It is also confirmation that Unity Group developers produce complex solutions on the basis of this platform, making full use of its capabilities to communicate and collaborate with the organisations of our customers.

“Gold Microsoft Partner is the title that our team has successfully been conferred since 2007, when we decided to seriously develop our offering in the Digital Workplace direction”, said Daniel Majchrzak, Director of the Microsoft Implementation Department at Unity Group.

Benefits of the Microsoft partnership to Unity Group clients

In addition to being a formal confirmation of the skills of our team, extending the competency at the level of the Gold Microsoft Partner gives us a number of benefits that we can use in projects and implementations for Unity Group clients.

These include, among others, faster access to new Microsoft products, licences to use the latest software releases, and technical support from MS engineers and experts.

Undoubtedly, what is also important is that we have access to courses and masterclasses as a part of the Partner University. Thanks to this option, Unity Group developers and administrators can continually improve their skills required to design and maintain SharePoint solutions for our clients.

What did we have to do to renew the title of the Gold Microsoft Partner?

To renew the Gold Microsoft Partner status, Unity Group team had to pass specialised exams on the design and development of the SharePoint platform.

Our developers and administrators have successfully obtained certificates in the following areas:

  1. Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
  2. Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions
  3. Enabling Office 365 Services
  4. Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

It was also necessary to provide a number of reference letters from the last 12 months from our clients, to whom we’ve delivered SharePoint-based solutions.

“Being awarded the Gold Microsoft Partner status is a great success for us and the crowning achievement for our team. We are pleased even more because we will soon start implementing several intranet projects for clients in the financial sector. There will be many occasions to make use of these competences”, summed up Daniel Majchrzak.


Marketing Project Manager at Unity Group. Ewa graduated with an MA in Digital Media from Goldsmiths, University of London and since then has coordinated numerous international communications projects, predominantly for tech companies & startups. All-year-round cyclist, iberophile, avid fan of all things vegan.

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