Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference was held on July 10-14 in Toronto. Unity Group was presented by CEO Grzegorz Rudno-Rudzinski who shared his reflections about it.


The starting speech was traditionally claimed by CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella dedicated his speech to Digital Transformation and shared his vision about the role of Microsoft and its partners in this process.

At the Conference saw that the changes of different things are going on.

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I am going to start with estimating Microsoft as a company. Since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft the company has been focusing on quality of products. When I was reading Steve Jobs biography I remembered his statement that a person without experience in IT branch cannot succeed in IT because he does not understand the product. It touched former CEO of Microsoft and I got it.

The previous edition of the Conference that I participated at was like some kind of show that was aimed at motivating partners. During this year’s edition the vision of IT world was presented as deliberative, far-reaching and showing how to function in it and where is the chance to make some money.

So the form and the way of presentation have been changed.

It was not a surprise for me that the top themes at the Conference were cloud solutions, Internet of Things and Business Intelligence because all IT world is going that way. It was interesting to get known how we can use these solutions. Counting tools, cloud and information gathered from different devices give us more and more opportunities for optimization and automation. They have a stronger influence on every aspect of our lives.

However, to create such systems we need huge investments and connection of branch knowledge with IT. That’s why such products are not created locally and in the form other than SaaS because the investment will never return. This is the reason why IT world is tending to cloud solutions.

The vision of cloud systems is changing as well. There are no longer unitary systems with many rigidly connected modules. Solutions are developing into micro services that are provided by different companies and can be used by connecting them with other services. As Unity Group we cooperate with MuleSoft that develops its products for integration in that way that’s why this vision was not new for me but I saw for the first time that Microsoft is going with its product in that way.

In Intratic we realized projects based on our own services, partners’ services and Azure so that we know from our experience how to reduce investment costs towards creation of dedicated solution. But it needs the other attitude than in traditional IT.

The next transformation of Microsoft is openness level. That was a surprise not only for me that the presenters from Microsoft used iPhones and for many products of Microsoft the first mobile versions were created for iOS.

The other way of Microsoft’s openness is open source solutions. Many sessions and exhibitions were dedicated to connection of technologies.

These ways of transformation are going to change the world we are living in. As a team we like to do new things. The mission of Unity Group is “To understand the world of new technologies and put there our Clients” so that we will not feel the lack of work and interesting challenges.

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