How content personalisation wih Kentico will help your online shop

Why should your online shop care about content personalisation?

Let’s imagine a scenario. You sell music and run an online store. One of your regular customers, let’s call him Mark, enters your…
SharePoint User Adoption

6 best practices for SharePoint User Adoption

The “User Adoption” concept has become one of the IT industry’s favourite terms. We’ve reached a point where you could think that this…
Nintex Hawkeye lets you better measure and streamline processes in your organisation

How to measure and streamline processes, or a new dimension in analysis with Nintex Hawkeye

Hawkeye, lens, beacon - these names alone, when linked with this new Nintex product, are an indication that it allows you to see…
front-end efficiency

8 best practices that will improve your front-end efficiency

It is obvious that web applications are growing in popularity. What can be done so  everyone can fully enjoy their benefits without any…
automotive - Unity Group

Why use API for digitization in the automotive industry?

The problems and trends in the automotive industry will force both car importers and dealers to change their business models. The progress of…
magento 2 front-end - Unity Group

Magento 2: working on the front-end with CSS and JS

Working on the front-end in Magento 2 has changed significantly in comparison to the previous version of the shop. A fully modular approach…
google alternative - Unity Group

What is an alternative to Google services?

The pervasiveness of Google services makes them a natural choice, especially among individual users. However, in business processes pertaining to company communications, data…
ninetex - Unity Group

Nintex Workflow — 10 steps to avoid problems with implementations

Nintex Workflow is a tool for creating workflows integrated with SharePoint. It includes a graphical workflow designer for quick an easy placement of…
.net - Unity Group

Think out of the box – technologies available in .NET

For ages, mankind has been trying to improve the world. Each of us wants to have a more comfortable life but to work…
marketing automation with Kentico

Marketing automation in one solution – be smart!

There is an easy way to automate, optimize and analyse your online campaigns. Marketing automation will let you not only generate leads on…

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