Business Partners

How to find a reliable technology partner for your business

So you feel your business idea is ready to hit the market, but product development somehow takes longer than you’d wish for. Your…
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Finnish perspective on tackling the IT skills shortage with international remote development teams

In recent decades, digitalisation has extended its reach to an even wider area. Today, every sector of the economy needs digital know-how, causing…
API Part 2

All you have to know about the API Lifecycle and API Design and its supporting tools. Part 2

In the previous article, I defined API Lifecycle and API Design, mentioning examples of tools which may be useful on the subsequent stages…
API Design thumbnail

All you have to know about API Lifecycle, API Design and supporting tools. Part 1

An API ( Application Programming Interface) is a powerful technical and business tool whose good use can result in tangible benefits for the…
Cover for Agile project management

So you want to be Agile? A beginner’s guide to Agile project management. Part 1.

In an age of rapid technological progress, more and more companies are deciding to employ Agile methodologies to improve project management. Agile allows…
Sprint Meeting Planning Cover Pic

Sprint Planning Meeting – Your checklist

Sprint Planning Meeting (SPM) is one of the four meetings-ceremonies described in the Scrum Guide as an element of the framework. During SPM,…

ITCorner, or the secret to finding the tech skills you need

A while ago, I wrote a post on how Skillwell helped us to secure our first soft dev assignments in Finland in which…
Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce – what does it actually mean?

Before you choose the “universal” solution, stop for a moment and think about how you would like to see your sales systems in…
6 steps to implement API Economy

6 steps to implement API Economy

A few years ago, the term “API commercialisation” was foggy and unclear for most organisations. There were also few companies that actually increased…
WSO2 Cover

Unity Group is the official partner of WSO2

WSO2 technology enjoys the trust of key players in the global technology market – tycoons such as E-bay, Cisco and BNY Mellon. It…

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