ITCorner, or the secret to finding the tech skills you need

A while ago, I wrote a post on how Skillwell helped us to secure our first soft dev assignments in Finland in which…
Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce – what does it actually mean?

Before you choose the “universal” solution, stop for a moment and think about how you would like to see your sales systems in…
6 steps to implement API Economy

6 steps to implement API Economy

A few years ago, the term “API commercialisation” was foggy and unclear for most organisations. There were also few companies that actually increased…
WSO2 Cover

Unity Group is the official partner of WSO2

WSO2 technology enjoys the trust of key players in the global technology market – tycoons such as E-bay, Cisco and BNY Mellon. It…
3 Key Takeaways from the Adeo Development Summit

3 Key Takeaways from the ADEO Dev Summit 2018

Not so long ago our team took part in the ADEO Dev Summit in the French town of Lille. It’s an internal conference…
Nintex Workflow new approach to BPM

Nintex Workflow – a new approach to BPM

In the age of flexible solutions and comprehensive products, the differences between categories applied in IT that we have got used to are…
IT outsourcing

How IT outsourcing can benefit your business

Lately, IT outsourcing became one of the most recognizable type of consulting among -companies and as Henry Ford once said, “If there’s something…
How content personalisation wih Kentico will help your online shop

Why should your online shop care about content personalisation?

Let’s imagine a scenario. You sell music and run an online store. One of your regular customers, let’s call him Mark, enters your…
SharePoint User Adoption

6 best practices for SharePoint User Adoption

The “User Adoption” concept has become one of the IT industry’s favourite terms. We’ve reached a point where you could think that this…
Nintex Hawkeye lets you better measure and streamline processes in your organisation

How to measure and streamline processes, or a new dimension in analysis with Nintex Hawkeye

Hawkeye, lens, beacon - these names alone, when linked with this new Nintex product, are an indication that it allows you to see…

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